Evaluating the Urban Threat – Crime Mapping



Here’s a handy dandy tool if you aren’t already aware of it.  This site lets you take a look at the types of crimes, number of crimes, the area of the crimes committed within a certain date range query.  (It even tells you the approx. time in which the crimes took place!  “You mean I can establish an hourly trend for certain types of crimes in my Urban Area!?!?!? )

So if you find yourself traveling to a new area of your “Mog” and want to see what kind of crime you could be faced with . . . This is a good FREE place to start.

If you spend enough time looking through the date ranges, you might see that car-jackings happen through afternoon hour ranges, or maybe assaults happen sporadically in location, but have an increase in occurrence between the late night and early hours of the morning, etc.

So in this example,  if you can establish a trend based on this information, you might be more apt not to be driving around the area in question during the hours when most car-jackings happen (if you can help it).  When you have an easy way to digest the information presented with this free tool you can provide FACTUAL information about HTUAs to your loved ones.

In one of the many useful areas of the Urban Survival Classroom I’ll demonstrate how to take data like this using BASIC statistical analysis to stay away from high drug traffic areas, or utilize better routes to counter car-jackings, etc.   Why not just rely on local news to tell you where crime happens?  News coverage can be sporadic at best and does not paint the full picture of criminal activity, just ask the police officer in your family.  So why not be your own statistician and make yourself a report you can trust?

Join us when our Urban Survival Classroom goes live around Thanksgiving


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