The Belly-Band and Bumps in the Night


There are several options out there for “bump in the night” gear, from plate carriers with holsters to elaborate chest rigs.

Want something a little more low profile? Try this if you haven’t already:

The Belly Band. In the picture above, (my personal belly band), there’s a Glock 19, extra mag and a 200 lumen flash light that fits in the palm of the hand.

Both the belly-band and the flashlight will be available for purchase here shortly.

No matter the attire you sleep in, if you hear a bump in the night, it’s easy to throw this around your mid-section as you head out to check out that bump. If it turns out to be a non-threatening situation, you don’t have to set your gun down but just tuck into your holster.

This is one of the easiest holsters to use with a pair of wind pants and a t-shirt. And if that bump in the night turns out to be a ruckus on the front lawn from a late night auto wreck? You’re covered because your piece is easy to conceal with this setup and a mere T-Shirt.

If I was really inspired, I could even throw a miniature FRS radio in one of the side pockets of the belly band to still be able to communicate with the spouse unit that everything’s okay “out back”. They make FRS radios that literally are smaller than the flashlight pictured above.

Happy Home “Defensing” 🙂

  • Irish

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