Essential Skills: Basic Leadership Seminar – 23/24 January

Given the topic and instructor, this is one of the best return on investments in the Patriot / Prepper community.

If you’ve never had a chance to soak up professional leadership instruction, here’s your chance.

The Defensive Training Group


On 24 January 2015 ( 25 January as well if interest is there), DTG will conduct a 4 hour seminar on the Concepts and Principles of Basic Leadership.  Cost is $50 per person pre-pay; $75 at the door; IIIPSFA members in good standing receive 15% discount. Subjects include:

  • Concepts and Principles of Leadership as Relevant to a Neighborhood Protection team,
  • Impact and effectiveness of Employed Leadership Attributes including the Four Factors of Leadership
  • The probable effects of Positive and Negative Leadership Behaviors on the Group
  • Concepts and Principles of Situational Leadership, Task Maturity, and Leadership Style Determination
  • Attributes of Effective Training Programs, Trainer Selection, Test Validity and Instruction Complexity

Training Material will be provided. Registration Requirements:

  • Send an email to with “Leadership Seminar” in the subject line.  Provide contact information and number of registrants.  Slot(s) will be confirmed upon receipt of Paypal or snail mail funds.
  •  IIIPSFA members, send card number in email…

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