Maybe it’s time . . .

. . . to take on a more stringent self-defense training curriculum.  You can join us here . . . then go train in a team environment, live in person, here or here or here.

Bad people are where you live, they are where I live.

Warning:  Graphic Violence

It’s actually amazing that more people were not killed or injured in this instance.

Now imagine a citizen (licensed to conceal carry) getting out of one of the cars in the video here.  A person who has taken the time to cultivate a combat mindset and use it when needed, who’s taken the time to train proven self-defense techniques and strategy, who’s not paralyzed by fear, who has incorporated a proficient level of training into their daily routine, so that they can bring the fight to the bad guy and save lives.

The skills and mindset required to stop a bad guy are cultivated through proper instruction and dedication to an effective training regimen.  If you feel that it’s time to brush up on skills that are required to defend your loved ones and survive in the midst of a disaster, please join us at our our online survival classroom when we go live next week.

There will be a link to join shortly.

Stay safe in the New Year,

– AJ

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