EDC Solutions Compact Hemorrhage Control Kit

EDCS Compact Hem Control Kit


EDC Solutions has a great new product!  The Compact Hemorrhage Control Kit is small enough to be carried just about everywhere AND it gives you the tools to handle massive bleeding of the extremities .  For the LEO or concealed carry permit holder, this kit is a no-brainer – especially if you frequent high-threat urban areas.  At approx. 4.25” x 3.25” x 1.50” this kit is VERY easy to slip in a coat pocket and be prepared.  Put one in your glove box or on your motorcycle.  Going into the wilderness? Throw one of these in your pack or in your shirt pocket.

Here’s what you get – 1 Vacuum Sealed Kit Containing:

TK4 Tourniquet
H&H Mini Compression Bandage
NAR or H&H Compressed Gauze
2 – Packs Celox Hemostatic Agent – 2 gram ea. (4 grams total)

EDCS Compact Hem Control Kit IMG_20150415_213004444_HDR

2 thoughts on “EDC Solutions Compact Hemorrhage Control Kit

    1. Thanks. We have a few more kits coming out in the next couple weeks (hopefully). Having the kits are great, but I would also recommend to all reading to contact DTG and learn more about their Neighborhood Protection Team courses which cover Grid-Down TCCC and other essential skills to keeping “you and yours” safe in hard times.


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