Moving On, Or Staying Left of Bang

Pearls of Wisdom




We all know what happened. It’s what happens next.

Now that the histrionics are out of the way, it’s time for a rational, coherent plan of action. The diatribes on what we should do are knee deep; we don’t need that. Sure it feels good, but in the end, you know and I know what needs to happen on a large scale is not going to happen and thus, the best bet is to make order from chaos on your own.

The purveyors of the caliph know us infinitely better than we know ourselves. They act, we briefly react, then roll up some previously known cells, the mood changes for a week, then the same old talking heads reinforce the fatalistic notion that somehow “we’re all the same” and there’s “good folks everywhere, these are just a few”. Not true. Not true because carrying out large scale actions require LOTS…

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