Road Rage Avoidance

“you wanna go?  you chicken-$#!+”

Massad Ayoob – Road Rage Avoidance

Just a friendly reminder:  It’s a busy time of year.  Most folks are in a hurry, driving all over God’s green earth to fulfill last minute requirements.  Stress is high, roads are packed and people get pissed off.

You suddenly find yourself in a road rage indecent.  Do you have a set of techniques and procedures for handling people that aren’t in control of their anger?

If not you might think about getting some training in that area.  The link above is a good start to get the ball rolling in your mind.  If you know someone who’s been trained in executive protection and evasive driving you might go to them for scholarship.  They may have some ideas how to implement good techniques for handling “ragers”.

Ego:  There’s more than a few deadly road encounters that could have been avoided had folks checked their ego.  The guy in the graphic above is a perfect example.  The natural male response to his question is:  “I’m not a chicken-$#!+, I’ll show you!”  It goes full-retard from there.  No male is immune, the one’s that aren’t subject to the monkey dance are that way by conscious decision.  Checking the ego is not easy to do, but you and I hold the keys to the outcome of bad situations.  There are very few victims in life, and many participants.

One can have all the gun skills and “bad-assery” training in the world, but if they don’t check their ego when they’re up against idiot drivers . . . “$#!+ can get real”.

There’s more than a few idiots “out there” driving around.  They get brave and reckless behind a wheel.  Stay safe, avoid them if you can, handle them intelligently if you can’t.

Have a safe Holiday Season.



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