Or . . . you can just practice with your carbine



The time for being vain may soon be at an end with the way things are going in this country.

What is vanity?

1. 1.
having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth.
“their flattery made him vain”
synonyms: conceited, narcissistic, self-loving, in love with oneself, self-admiring, self-regarding,self-obsessed, egocentric, egotistic, egotistical; More

2. 2.
producing no result; useless.
“a vain attempt to tidy up the room”
synonyms: futile, useless, pointless, to no purpose, hopeless, in vain; More
While I respect that right to buy whatever paint scheme you want for your rifle/carbine, I do not respect the purchasing of enamel that says “this rifle has been to hell and back” (meaning combat), when it really hasn’t at the hands of the user. That is vanity at its worst. It says “let’s pretend I’ve been in combat with my carbine, because it LOOKS COOL”.

If the paint scheme above is purchased for anything other than a novelty firearm build, you’re wrong.  The problem with mixing “looking cool” with self-defense tools, is that there becomes a conflict of interest.  Looking cool is based on vanity.  Self-defense is based on preservation of the life and your “tribe” e.g. selfless behavior.  Vanity and selflessness don’t mix.  You cannot serve two masters . . .

And that’s the problem with some “would-be” preparedness folks out there today – they have no clue where the line is between novelty items and tools used to save lives. That’s why we see folks spend $1000 on a flat rail carbine only to throw plastic fold down sights on it. If violence continues to grow in this country, vanity and novelty is going away . . . it’s the way of things man.

“Irish, who cares what you value . . . “ Okay, I get you’re point, and even agree to some extent. However, my value is based on a desire to see my fellow citizen perform when the “chips are down” instead of looking cool in a self-defense situation. I promise you, a couple cans of Krylon camo paint will break up that black carbine and be relatively dry in 15 minutes (it says so on the bottle 🙂 ). The guy who’s more intrigued with the idea of getting off “the x” while protecting his family instead of looking cool . . . that’s what I value, and hopefully you do too.

(I have to take a side bar here and say that Hout’s Duracoat is great stuff. I love the durable finish they provide, and applied correctly in an ugly camo pattern, it’ll do well to disrupt pattern and blend the rifle into whatever background you may choose to imitate. If I didn’t have the scratch though, I’d feel fine with a couple coats of Krylon and some Matte clear coat.)

Bottom Line: I’m tired of hearing folks say “I bought this self-defense rifle for x, y and z . . . AND it looks really cool!” No one who’s serious about self-defense cares if you look cool . . . can you hit what you’re aiming at even when you’re tired, can you use cover, can you watch my back, can you PERFORM? And the only way to figure that out is to learn (go take courses), and practice.

While our society is obsessed with things that do not matter, specifically vain things – you and I should be different.  If you want a battle worn rifle look, earn it – GET OUT AND PRACTICE, GO TAKE SOME COURSES, GET YOUR CARBINE DIRTY, HIT THE DIRT WITH IT! I promise in no time, you will have that “look”. But do it because you need the practice, not because you want the vain “look” of something that hasn’t been achieved through hard work and study.

Folks, the time is drawing neigh in our country when we’re going to have to cling to what matters and get rid of things in our life that doesn’t. How cool you look with your rifle doesn’t matter, what you can do to protect your loved ones from criminals does.

Wake up your buddies man, give them a hard time about being posers if necessary. Do some PT. Make friends in your community and Harden up. Your gear is either effective for the task or it isn’t.

Stay safe,


5 thoughts on “Or . . . you can just practice with your carbine

    1. Magpul plastic BUIS are not the best option for a serious use carbine given the marginal increase in cost for other brands (. . . . that have far more durable construction). Case and point – Magpul $51.00 rear BUIS vs. a Troy folding metal BUIS that is routinely on sale for $70.00 at primary arms. Remember we’re talking a matter of $20.00 on a $1000 carbine.

      There are times not to waste the extra money, there are times to invest a little extra cash on your weapon. Wisdom is knowing the difference betwixt the two sides of the coin. The point of the post remains past the specifics of my example however – lack of credible instruction, vanity and lack of practice seem to cause folks to waste money on items that are not necessary, (that do not further the protection of their loved ones) and forsake decent investment where it would be wise.

      Thanks for the encouragement and stopping by.


      1. For sure!

        I only ask because, after smashing the plastic front sight on my G26, I asked if they were prone to breaking when I went in to replace them. I was told, most definitely, they break all the time! Glad it happened while I was training.

        I heard that the magpul ones were pretty durable but then I didn’t look THAT deeply into it. I’m kinda new to the AR platform (been shooting a VZ with iron sights and not much to break). I’ll try and put them through their paces in some courses I have coming up, I guess.

        I’m going to look around your sight some more- thanks for the contribution to the net, man!


      2. It’s refreshing to talk with folks that put their personal protection weapons through “the paces”.

        I’m planning . . . eventually to put a post up regarding several cost effective builds for folks that want a serious use carbine.


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