If You Cannot Shoot Them In The Face – Red Dot Glocks

In the movie El Diablo, Thomas Van Leek, played by Louis Gossett, Jr., is a no-nonsense gunslinger who shot a number of antagonists in the back. When asked about it, he replies simply, ‘Because his back was to me.’ That is supposed to be a comedy line of course as we know no western hero worth his salt would ever deny his opponent the opportunity to draw first, much less shoot him in the back…like, well…a coward. You see, much like the Hall Monitor Mentality, the Lone Ranger Mentality has been deeply imbued in the American male psyche. The Lone Ranger never drew first, never threw the first punch, and my God…never shot a man in the back. And many a good man has shed the fullness of his life on the asphalt and dirt because of that ridiculous programming. Just last weekend we had a suicide bomber in Bavaria. No, it was not a chemical experiment gone wrong by chemist refugees. It was a Syrian that had pledged allegiance to the Islamic Jihad. I am told the bomb was…

Source: If You Cannot Shoot Them In The Face – Red Dot Glocks


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