PJF – Prepper Priorities

There are a crap load of tactical trainers “out-there” to give either academic or live instruction how to protect one’s family and neighborhood in SHTF, (with varying levels of applicable information), but how many are putting out this kind of truth listed above?

“When Sh!t gets real” what is your family going to need first?  While some trainers are out there trying to turn 8 to 10 regular students into a civilian infantry squad (which is a horrible idea), there are those that provide a good balance between security patrolling, first-aid, food storage, and other logistical needs for tough times . . . .  so one can ACTUALLY help their loved ones and community in times of large scale disaster.

I don’t write a ton about security / self-defense post SHTF, because there are a lot of guys who do it much better.  However, I couldn’t let this one pass.  If SHTF, there are going to be a lot of people with guns and no food.  That’s not a good recipe as PJF has already stated.  Me thinks if emergency services are unable to respond in the event of disaster, there will be a lot of “preppers” turned marauder.

One last thing – I’ve been given the hypothetical question before by people that love to play devil’s advocate – “wouldn’t you do (fill in the blank) to feed your family if SHTF”.  That question is what we call a fork move in chess.  The way to not have to ever answer that hypothetical question is to store away food, first aid items, vitamins and make friends with people who have skills civilized people need.  You can avoid desperation in an emergency.  It takes a little forward thinking beyond tactical stuff though, (all the not sexy stuff like bandages, food, trade skills and interpersonal skills).

Thanks to a good friend for passing along this video.

Best of luck.




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