Thesis:  There are bunches of civilian men in the concealed carry world trying to look like SF operators or “tactical timmy”.  From the weekend range warriors to the guy behind the gun counter at the local shop.   The link and subsequent re-blog below when applied to the armed citizen might give some food for thought … More Camouflage

Short-Term Preparedness – Possible vs. Probable

Emergencies – What’s possible? What’s Probable? If you ask a random sample of preparedness-minded people about SHTF, the topic gravitates toward the long-term disaster situation vs. short term emergencies. There always seems to be a trend for preparing against the most extreme SHTF situation, vs. the one that’s most probable to happen, and the most … More Short-Term Preparedness – Possible vs. Probable

The Go-Bag

There is a whole industry, dedicated just to survival and “bug out bags”. It’s amazing that so much money is to be had.  There’s gadgets and watcha-ma-call-its, from cool crank radios to light-weight “sporks”. Never has there been more gear available to the citizens of the good old US of A. But do I really … More The Go-Bag