EDC Solutions Compact Hemorrhage Control Kit

http://www.everydaycarrysolutions.com/first-aid–tccc.html EDC Solutions has a great new product!  The Compact Hemorrhage Control Kit is small enough to be carried just about everywhere AND it gives you the tools to handle massive bleeding of the extremities .  For the LEO or concealed carry permit holder, this kit is a no-brainer – especially if you frequent high-threat … More EDC Solutions Compact Hemorrhage Control Kit

Streamlining the Urban Survival Classroom

In an effort to streamline the Urban Survival Classroom, EDCS will be working alongside Defensive Training Group and adding supplemental training plans and material to their existing online school. It just makes sense.  The subscriber will get not only the professional expertise that DTG offers to further their Neighborhood Protection Team studies, but also an … More Streamlining the Urban Survival Classroom